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A Guide to the World's Largest and Most Unique Hotel Pools

Largest Pools

Travelers seeking exceptional pool experiences should look beyond the standard rectangular option. This list explores some of the world's largest and most unique hotel pools, showcasing groundbreaking designs and architectural marvels.  From record-breaking infinity pools with stunning vistas to gigantic manmade lagoons to underwater havens teeming with marine life, these locales set a high bar for your next hotel pool experience and might just inspire your next travel destination.

Let's begin with some of the largest pools:

San Alfonso Del Mar

Location: Algarrobo, Chile

Size: 1,013 meters (over half a mile long)

Photo courtesy of Crystal Lagoons

This isn't your average hotel pool – it's a Guinness World Record holder for the longest swimming pool in the world, stretching an incredible 1,013 meters (over half a mile) along the Chilean coast! While technically not part of a traditional hotel, San Alfonso Del Mar offers a resort experience with luxurious accommodations bordering the massive pool.

Dreamworld Resort

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Size: 95,000 square feet

Photo courtesy of Dreamworld Resort

Looking for a freshwater paradise? Look no further than Dreamworld Resort in Karachi, Pakistan. Their colossal Fun Lagoon boasts over 95,000 square feet of sparkling freshwater, making it one of the largest hotel pools globally. The pool was designed to mimic the sea and fulfills that vision with artificial sea waves. If that sounds overwhelming for your crew, there are several smaller pools on property with a variety of water slides to enjoy for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Titanic Mardin Palace

Location: Turkey

Size: 9,700 square meters

Photo courtesy of Titanic Mardin Palace

Known for its wide variety of family-friendly accommodations, Titanic Mardin Palace certainly delivers on that theme. The main pool in the resort boasts an impressive size of 9.700 square meters. The resort doesn't stop there. They also showcase several other pools are various sizes scattered across the property including a kids aquapark with 6 water slides to choose from.

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort

Location: Queensland, Australia

Size: 7 Olympic Pools

Photo courtesy of Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

Known for its stunning scenery and long list of activities, Queensland hotel InterContinental Hayman Island Resort adds one more trip highlight for families, a XXX sized resort pool right the beach. If this wasn't enough to entice you to start planning your vacation,

Pool Access Suites are available to allow your family to walk right from room into the pool. No need to drag your gear (or tired children) through the resort. A welcomed option for families.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Location: Colorado, USA

Size: 2 City Blocks

Photo courtesy of Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

While its size is not in the same league as the locations previously mentioned, it is notable for being the largest hot springs pool in the world. Being opened year-round means your family can pair some relaxation in the hot springs with a plethora of outdoor activities available across the state including skiing and whitewater rafting.


Unique Pools

While these pools are all noteworthy for their size, our list would be incomplete without also highlighting some of the most unique places to take a swim across the globe:

Marina Bay Sands

Location: Singapore

Photo courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

The infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands SkyPark isn't just for the 'gram, it's the world's largest of its kind.  Stretching an impressive 150 meters (478 feet) long and sitting atop the 57 stories of the hotel towers, this architectural marvel allows you to swim seemingly into the distance, with uninterrupted views of the Singapore skyline stretching out 200 meters (650 feet) below.

Four Seasons Hualalai

Location: Hawaii, USA

Though technically named King's Pond, this amazing hotel pool is actually a 1.8 million gallon aquarium that allows your family to swim and snorkel with over 1,000 tropical fish. Floatation devices can be worn by children so this experience can be shared by family members of all ages throughout your stay. To enhance your experience, ray and fish feedings and marine education classes are available at the adjacent Kumu Kai Marine Education Center.

Hotel Indigo

Location: Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of Hotel Indigo

Does your family want to take your pool game to new heights? If so, Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong might be the place for you. Their hotel pool is located on the 29th floor. While this may not seem too thrilling, the fact that a portion extends out beyond the building and has a glass bottom might be enough to up the ante.

Villa D'Este

Location: Lake Como, Italy

Photo courtesy of Villa D'Este

Perhaps one of the most searched hotels on Lake Como, known for its stunning hotel and incredible location, Ville D'Este also harbors a unique pool. Set a top Lake Como, their hotel pool allows guests to float on Lake Como while still being in the bounds of their hotel pool. Swim in the water or sit poolside and enjoy the lake views and watch the boats float by.

Viceroy Los Cabos

Location, Los Cabos, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Viceroy Los Cabos

With all the amazing hotels in Los Cabos, it can be difficult for hotels to set themselves apart from their competition. Viceroy does just that with their pool within a pool concept. Families can enjoy the larger pools on property or choose a smaller pool to enjoy for the day. The best part? All pools have a fantastic view of the ocean so you really can't go wrong.

The Library

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Photo courtesy of The Library

Standing in stark contrast to the white buildings that surround it, is the world-famous Red Pool with its multi-colored mosaic tile floor. The resort is small and laid-back and the beach is steps away from the pool when you are ready to change up your view for a bit.

Hotel Hubertus

Location: Italy

Photo courtesy of Hotel Hubertus

Hotel Hubertus is home to one of the most instagrammed pools in the world and for good reason. This hotel features an infinity pool with a glass front, allowing swimmers to feel as though they are swimming directly into the surrounding Dolomites mountains. Can't get enough of the view? Most of the rooms also face the mountains. Perfect for a relaxing time away as a family.

Hanging Gardens

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Photo courtesy of Hanging Gardens of Bali

Billed as the world's first double-decker pool, this unique location offers an infinity pool experience in the treetops of Ubud's lush rainforest leaving people feeling like they are floating above the trees. Combined with the suite of relaxation and adventure activities available in Bali, its sure to make a memorable vacation locale for your family.


Location: Utah, USA

Photo courtesy of Amangiri

Built right into the natural rocky surroundings is the pool at Amangiri. This pool seamlessly blends into the desert landscape allowing for a scenic and relaxing retreat. When your family is ready for a more active day, plenty of adventures await nearby including hiking, climbing, boating, and helicopter tours.


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