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Moo Lagoon Water Play Area Coming to Storyland in 2024

Storyland, a New Hampshire children's theme park, announced plans to open a new water play area called Moo Lagoon in 2024. The new area will feature interactive farm-themed water features, such as a tipping cow, a giant triple water slide, and a splash pad area for younger guests.

The Moo Lagoon water play area will be located in the Storyland's Fantasy Forest area, near the park's existing water rides, the Critter Creek and the Storyland Splash Pad. The new area will be designed for children of all ages and will be open seasonally, from late May to early September.

Storyland's general manager, Eric Dziedzic, said that the new water play area is part of the park's ongoing efforts to update and improve its offerings. "We are always looking for ways to make Storyland a more fun and exciting place for families," Dziedzic said. "The Moo Lagoon water play area is a great addition to our lineup of attractions and we are confident that it will be a hit with our guests."

Storyland is a 35-acre theme park located in Glen, New Hampshire. The park was founded in 1954 and is one of the oldest children's theme parks in the United States. Storyland features over 20 rides and other attractions, including the Critter Creek, the Storyland Splash Pad, and the Storyland Express train. The park is open seasonally each year, from late May to early September. Season passes for the 2024 season are on sale now.


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