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Scenic Zipline Adventures Across the World

Embark on an exciting journey through some of the world's most stunning landscapes on some of the top zipline adventures across the globe. From soaring above verdant rainforests to gliding over rugged canyons and majestic waterfalls, these adrenaline-fueled experiences provide a unique perspective of nature's splendor. These are some of the top zipline destinations, each offering an exhilarating mix of adventure and breathtaking scenery that is sure to leave you in awe. So, secure your harness, feel the rush of air against your skin, and get ready for an unforgettable ride through some of the Earth's most spectacular views on these scenic zipline adventures.

Costa Rica

Multiple Locations

Number of Ziplines: 10

Minimum Age: 5

Known by some as the birthplace of modern ziplining, Costa Rica offers numerous opportunities to experience this adrenaline-pumping activity amidst lush rainforests and stunning natural scenery. In the shadow of the imposing Arenal Volcano, adventurers can enjoy ziplining through the lush rainforests of La Fortuna.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve also offers ziplining adventures that showcase the incredible biodiversity of the region. Participants can glide through the misty canopy, with the opportunity to spot rare species of birds, monkeys, and other wildlife.


New Zealand

Photo courtesy of Ziptrek Ecotours

Tour Company:  Ziptrek Ecotours

Number of Ziplines: 2-6

Minimum Age: 6

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of New Zealand's South Island in the "Adventure Capital of the World", Queenstown's ziplining experiences allow adventurers to soar through lush forests, over rugged terrain, and above glistening rivers. With multiple ziplines of varying lengths and heights, participants can experience the thrill of flying through the air while taking in panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains and Lake Wakatipu. The Ziptrek Ecotours and Skyline Queenstown are among the top choices for ziplining in Queenstown.


Hawaii, United States

Tour Company:  Skyline Hawaii

Number of Ziplines: 5

Minimum Age: 8

Ziplining in Maui offers several fantastic options for adventure seekers to experience the island's beauty from a unique perspective. One popular destination is the Haleakalā Zipline Adventure, located on the slopes of Haleakalā Volcano. Here, visitors can traverse through the lush forests of Upcountry Maui, soaring over canyons and valleys while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Another notable option is the Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure, which provides an exhilarating experience along the slopes of the West Maui Mountains. Participants zip through dense jungle foliage, crossing valleys and streams, and even have the opportunity to rappel down towering cliffs. Both experiences are guided by knowledgeable staff who provide insight into Maui's ecology and culture, making them not only thrilling adventures but also educational experiences.



Photo courtesy of HighGround Adventures Nepal

Tour Company: ZipFlyer Nepal

Number of Ziplines: 1

Minimum Age: 10

Nestled in the Himalayas is one of the most renowned ziplining destinations in Nepal, ZipFlyer Nepal in Pokhara. This adrenaline-pumping ride starts from Sarangkot, a hilltop offering panoramic views of the Annapurna mountain range and the Pokhara Valley. The ZipFlyer boasts being one of the longest, steepest, and fastest ziplines in the world, with riders reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour as they descend over 1.8 kilometers. As participants zoom through the air, they're treated to unparalleled views of lush forests, terraced hillsides, and the serene Phewa Lake below. The experience is not only an adrenaline rush but also a chance to appreciate Nepal's natural beauty in a thrilling and unforgettable way.



Tour Company: Grindelwald First

Number of Ziplines: 1

Minimum Age: No minimum age, but minimum weight of 35kg (approx. 77 lbs)

One of the most popular ziplining experiences in Interlaken is the First Flyer at Grindelwald-First. This adrenaline-pumping ride starts at the First summit and sends participants flying down the mountainside, offering panoramic views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks as they zip through the air. With speeds reaching up to 84 kilometers per hour, riders feel the rush of wind against their faces as they soar over forests, valleys, and alpine meadows. Additionally, the First Flyer offers a tandem option, allowing friends and family to experience the thrill together.


New Zealand

Tour Company: Rotorua Canopy Tours

Number of Ziplines: 6

Minimum Age: 6

Another fantastic ziplining destination in New Zealand, Rotorua is known for its geothermal wonders and ancient forests. Ziplining in Rotorua, New Zealand reaches new heights with Rotorua Canopy Tours, an award-winning eco-adventure that takes participants on a thrilling journey through these scenic forests. The tour features a series of ziplines, swing bridges, and treetop platforms, allowing adventurers to soar through the canopy while experiencing the beauty of the forest from a unique perspective. One of the highlights is the "longest zipline in New Zealand," where riders can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour while traversing 220 meters across a forested valley. Along the way, knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the local flora, fauna, and conservation efforts, enhancing the educational aspect of the experience.


United Kingdom

Tour Company: Zip World Velocity

Number of Ziplines: 2

Minimum Age: No minimum age, but minimum height of 1.2 meters (approx. 47 inches)

Zip World Velocity in Wales offers an adrenaline-fueled ziplining experience unlike any other, boasting the title of the "fastest zipline in the world" and located in Penrhyn Quarry near Bethesda. Participants are strapped into a secure harness and launched from a height of over 500 feet, reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour as they soar over the stunning landscape of North Wales. The zipline stretches over a mile long, offering breathtaking views of the dramatic quarry below and the surrounding Snowdonia National Park. With dual lines allowing friends and family to race side by side, Zip World Velocity provides an exhilarating adventure for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Cape Town

South Africa

Tour Company: Cape Town Ziplines

Number of Ziplines: 7

Minimum Age: 6

Conquer your fear of heights and embrace the Cape Town scenery with the exhilarating Multi-Cable Monster Zipline tour.  Bordering Table Mountain National Park, this adventure lets you soar through the air on a network of seven cables, totaling over 2.3 kilometers, making it one of Africa's longest zipline tours.  Feel the rush as you zip between 13 platforms, some reaching over 150 meters high, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city, Hout Bay, and the surrounding mountains.  This multi-cable tour caters to a range of experience levels, making it a thrilling adventure for the whole family (with a minimum age requirement of 6 years old).  Get your adrenaline pumping and experience Cape Town from a whole new perspective!

Icy Strait Point

Alaska, USA

Photo courtesy of ZipRider

Tour Company: ZipRider

Number of Ziplines: 1

Minimum Age: No minimum age, but minimum weight of 75 lbs

Traveling with a large group? This could be the perfect activity for you whether you've arrived by land or cruise. Situated in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, Icy Strait Point offers an exhilarating ziplining experience with the ZipRider, one of the longest ziplines in the world. Participants can fly, with up to 5 other people, over lush forests and rugged coastline, with the chance to spot wildlife such as bald eagles and whales.

Chiang Mai


Photo courtesy of PM Tours

Tour Company: PM Tours

Number of Ziplines: 21

Minimum Age: 5

In the lush jungles surrounding Chiang Mai, visitors can enjoy ziplining adventures that offer a unique perspective on Thailand's natural beauty. PM Tours offers three exciting zipline adventures to cater to families:

  • Jungle Flight: Embark on Thailand's longest zipline (1,000 meters) at Jungle Flight! This eco-adventure features 31 platforms, 15 ziplines, a 15-meter abseil, 5 sky bridges, staircases, and is sure to leave your family with some lasting memories.

  • Eagle Track: These different experiences (bronze, silver, and gold) allow your group to choose their own adventure. The bronze tour contains the smaller, shorter ziplines to accommodate families with younger kids, while the gold package contains 16 ziplines alongside additional exciting elements including bridges, walkways, and balance beams.

  • Skyline Adventure: Experience a different zipline course at Skyline Adventure. This option features 38 platforms, 21 ziplines (longest exceeding 900 meters), a 15-meter abseil, 5 sky bridges, staircases, a giant swing, and even a luge car track (the only one in Thailand)! Choose Skyline Adventure for a more extensive zipline experience with additional activities.



Quebec, Canada

Tour Company: Ziptrek Ecotours

Number of Ziplines: 1-5

Minimum Age: 7

Ziptrek Ecotours offers a thrilling zipline experience in Mont Tremblant, Canada, touted as the longest zipline tour in Quebec.  This eco-adventure lets you zip from the summit of Mont Tremblant all the way back down to the village, covering almost 4 kilometers in total.

The tour features five distinct ziplines, varying in length and offering stunning panoramic views of the Laurentian Mountains.  A shorter introductory experience with one zipline is also available for those who want a taste of the zipline adventure without tackling the full descent.

The Bokeo Province


Photo courtesy of the Gibbon Experience

Tour Company: Gibbon Experience

Number of Ziplines: Varies

Minimum Age: 8

Gibbon Experience, a leader in eco-tourism, offers a variety of zipline tours in Nam Kan National Park, Laos, allowing you to tailor your jungle adventure and sleep in a treehouse within the park.  Soar through the lush rainforest canopy on a network of ziplines, sky bridges, and treetop platforms, encountering diverse wildlife and experiencing breathtaking panoramic views.  Their tours prioritize sustainability and conservation, utilizing minimal-impact zipline systems and supporting local communities.  Here's a glimpse of their options:

  • Classic Tour: This 3-day, 2-night option is a great introduction, offering a comfortable trek to your treehouse followed by ziplining and exploration.  It's perfect for families and those seeking a moderate challenge.

  • Giant Loop: For the time-conscious adventurer, this 2-day, 1-night option is a great introduction, offering a more direct route to the treetops with thrilling ziplines and exploration time.

Sun City

South Africa

Photo courtesy of Zip 2000

Tour Company: Zip 2000

Number of Ziplines: 1

Minimum Age: 12

Located in the North West Province of South Africa just two hours from Johannesburg, Sun City offers ziplining adventures that provide stunning views of the Pilanesberg National Park and surrounding landscapes. Zip 2000 offers a heart-pounding ride that reaches speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour (100 mph) as you soar over 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) on a steel cable. Riders descend 280 meters (918 feet) from the top of a koppie (hill) with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including the Palace of the Lost City and the Valley of the Waves. Certified by the South African Department of Labour for safety, Zip 2000 offers solo and tandem rides, making it an exciting adventure for adrenaline seekers and families alike.

Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg

Tennessee, United States

Tour Company: Climb Works

Number of Ziplines: 6

Minimum Age: 7

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg offer ziplining adventures with scenic views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Climb Works Smoky Mountains allows you to soar through the canopy of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The Mountaintop Zipline Tour takes you on a 2-hour adventure, starting with an exciting ATV ride to the first platform.  Get your adrenaline pumping as you zip across a series of lines, some reaching up to 900 feet in length.  The tour includes six ziplines, four aerial bridges and a thrilling rappelling experience, making it a well-rounded adventure for all skill levels.

From soaring over waterfalls and volcanoes to ziplining through ancient forests and mountain ranges, these amazing destinations offer unforgettable experiences for adventure seekers looking to add a little adrenaline to their travels


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