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United Airlines Moves to Become More Family-Friendly

If you’re flying with children under 12, United Airlines has committed to making sure your child (or children) can sit next to an adult in your family for free. By next month, this will also include families who have Basic Economy tickets. New technology will show families all preferred and regular economy seats that are available on the flight. If seats next to each other aren’t available because of last minute bookings or unscheduled aircraft changes, families will be allowed to switch to another flight for free and will not be charged for the difference in fare.

This policy change comes after a push from the Biden Administration for airlines to do away with some airline fees, especially those that place additional hardships on traveling families.

Other U.S. airlines are also moving to adopt family-friendly seating policies. A spokesperson for Delta Airlines stated, “Delta does not charge family seating fees and regardless of the ticket class purchased, will always work with customers on a case-by-case basis to ensure their family seating needs are met,”. American Airlines' booking technology will automatically search for regular economy seats together at the time of booking and will open up additional seating types on the day of departure, if needed.

United's webpage on Traveling with Kids can be viewed here

Delta's webpage on Children and Infant Travel can be viewed here

American's webpage on Traveling with Children can be viewed here


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