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Utopia of the Seas: The Future of Cruising

Royal Caribbean International is known for its innovative cruise ships, and Utopia of the Seas is no exception. The sixth ship in the Oasis Class, Utopia of the Seas is set to debut in spring 2024 and will be the first Oasis Class ship to be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Utopia of the Seas will be one of the largest cruise ships in the world, with a capacity of 5,668 passengers. Utopia will feature a number of new and innovative features, including:

  • The Ultimate Abyss: The Ultimate Abyss is a 10-story, 150-foot-long slide that will be the tallest slide at sea. Riders will climb 10 decks to the top of the slide, where they will step into a capsule and plunge 150 feet down the slide at speeds of up to 45 mph.

  • The FlowRider® Surf Simulator: The FlowRider® Surf Simulator is a wave simulator that allows guests to surf, boogie board, or bodyboard. The simulator uses a powerful current of water to create a wave that is up to 6 feet tall.

  • The Perfect Storm™: The Perfect Storm™ is a trio of water slides that includes The Typhoon, The Cyclone, and The Surge. The Typhoon is a fast-paced slide that takes riders through a series of twists and turns. The Cyclone is a looping slide that sends riders spinning through the air. The Surge is a family-friendly slide that features gentle waves.

  • The North Star: The North Star is a glass-enclosed capsule that rises 300 feet above the ocean, offering panoramic views. The capsule rotates slowly, giving riders a 360-degree view of the ship, the ocean, and the surrounding coastline.

  • The Two70° Theater: The Two70° Theater is a state-of-the-art theater with a 270-degree view. The theater will feature a variety of shows, including Broadway productions and concerts. The theater is equipped with a number of special effects, including a robotic arm that can reach out into the audience and a ceiling that can be transformed into a projection screen.

  • 21 Dining Venues and 23 Bars: New dining concepts for Royal Caribbean include:

    • Immersive Dining Experience: This new dining experience will take diners on a virtual train journey throughout the world, while they enjoy food and beverages inspired by the destinations they visit. The experience will be powered by mixed reality technology.

    • Celebrity Chef Restaurants:

      • Jamie's Italian by Jamie Oliver: This restaurant serves up classic Italian dishes with a modern twist.

      • Wonderland: This restaurant offers a whimsical dining experience with dishes inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

      • The Mason Jar: This Southern-inspired restaurant serves up comfort food with a twist.

    • New Take on Classic Royal Caribbean Restaurants:

      • Chops Grille: This steakhouse will offer a more modern and upscale dining experience.

      • Izumi: This Japanese restaurant will feature a new menu with more authentic Japanese dishes.

    • New Casual Dining Options:

      • The Lime & Coconut: This restaurant will offer a beachy vibe with fresh seafood and cocktails.

      • The Pantry: This buffet will offer a wide variety of food options, including both traditional and international cuisine.

Utopia will also include fan-favorite features from Royal Caribbean's current fleet including:

  • The Boardwalk: The Boardwalk is a waterfront promenade with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. The Boardwalk features a number of classic carnival-style attractions, including a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and a candy store.

  • The AquaTheater: The AquaTheater is a venue for live shows and water stunts. The AquaTheater is located on the top deck of the ship and features a pool that is surrounded by a 20-foot-tall screen. The shows in the AquaTheater combine acrobatics, synchronized swimming, and special effects.

  • Central Park: Central Park is a lush, outdoor space with gardens, shops, and restaurants. Central Park is located on the middle deck of the ship and features a number of winding paths, fountains, and flower beds. Central Park is also home to a number of restaurants, including Jamie's Italian by Jamie Oliver and Starbucks.

  • The Royal Promenade: The Royal Promenade is a long, indoor corridor with shops, restaurants, and bars. The Royal Promenade is located on the lowest deck of the ship and features a number of shops, restaurants, and bars. The Royal Promenade is also home to a number of live entertainment options, including a piano bar and a comedy club.

  • Kid Favorites: 5 pools including a kiddie splash zone, a miniature golf course, a basketball court, climbing wall, and a zip line.

Utopia will join several other Royal Caribbean ships (Allure, Freedom, Independence, and Liberty) that focus on long weekend and short-term vacation options. All Utopia sailings will depart from Port Canaveral and will include a stop at Perfect Day at CocoCay, which is Royal Caribbean's private beach island. Bookings will open on June 23rd.


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